Administration of Volgograd region conducts active investment policy aimed at improvement of the investment climate in the region and creation of new productive economic subjects. Regional authorities are constantly working to improve legal framework aimed at investment attractiveness increase of the region. In the region there is local progressive investment legislation, suggesting a set of preferences for potential investors.
On the 2nd of March, 2010 the Law № 2010-OD «On state support of investment activity in Volgograd Region» was adopted as one of the most important documents in the investment legislation in the region. The law specifies clearly the procedure for obtaining of all forms of state support by the investor. The law reduces the time of decision-making, expands types of state support, provides co-financing of investment projects.

In this section you can find regional laws on investments presented in Russian.

Law of Volgograd region 2010-OD, dtd. March the 2nd , 2010 «On state support of investment activity in Volgograd Region» Law of Volgograd region # 1487-OD ,dtd. June the 15th , 2007 «On the selection of municipal territories and investment projects to participate in the subprogram «provision of land plots with infrastructure for housing construction» Law of Volgograd region # 1667-OD, dtd. 28th of April 2008 «On the procedure for preparation and decision- making on inclusion of land plots within the boundaries of settlements or exclusion of land plots from the boundaries of settlements» Law of Volgograd region # 1845-OD, dtd. February the 10th , 2009 «On the rate of tax payable in connection with the simplified tax system» Law of Volgograd region, dtd. January the 9th 2007 #1410-OD «On privatization of property owned by Volgograd Region» Law of Volgograd region # 335-OD, dtd. 6 December 1999 «On the procedure of management and disposition of state property in Volgograd region» Law of Volgograd region, dtd., April 28, 2007 # N ML 1455 «On State Guarantees of Volgograd region» Law of Volgograd region #1786-OD, dtd. November 24, 2008 «Urban Development Code of Volgograd Oblast»

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